The Secret

The Secret

1 chapter / 248 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Amara had a really big secret she'd never gotten to tell Lucas.Captivating cover done by Megan N.!



about 4 years ago Elizabeth623 said:

I loved the beg. write more? oh can u read mine now.

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over 4 years ago ~Mina~ said:

I liked that you started off with her visiting lucs grave! Great job overall, captivating and sad at the same time, good luck


almost 5 years ago Erin Marie said:

Wow, sweet but very sad. It's well developed considering how short of a story it is. Good luck in the contest :)


almost 5 years ago Neverland said:

This is amazing!!!!



almost 5 years ago Ava2121 said:

It's very sad. However, I did like it. It's cliche...but in a good sort of. I though it was rushed, but that's understandable since you do have a time limit :) Hopefully you can expand a little more later. I did notice grammactical errors, but you can correct them.


almost 5 years ago Regan said:

Sad story but slightly cliche. I agree with the previous reviewer who stated you could have added more "meat" to the plotline. Overall it was heartbreaking, in a good way.