The Girl with the 4.0

The Girl with the 4.0

1 chapter / 636 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


~PLEASE TELL ME WHERE ANY ERRORS ARE SUCH AS SPELLING OR GRAMMAR BECAUSE I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND THEM MYSELF!!~The smartest girl in the class but still the most invisible.~ Please feel free to critic me, I think I probably didn't do that well on this one. So please let me know how to do better or improve it! :D Thanks! ~ArI




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over 4 years ago Alison Graham said:

I absolutely loved the last line. It was so poetic! At first, I didn't really like how there was no dialogue, but then I started to get into it and I liked it more for that. I would watch out for getting too preachy. Sometimes it sounds like you are just telling the reader what they should be doing or seeing. You might try to make it a little more mysterious and let the reader interpret it for themselves.