The Smell Before Rain

The Smell Before Rain

6 chapters / 14085 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


This story is about a girl named Abbey moving to a small town near the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she gets there, she finds the friend she's always wanted.

The maker of the cover is Allison Rose.


Drama, Romance, Comedy



almost 4 years ago Sophie said:

Did I miss something? Why does the mom speak Tagalog, but Abbey speaks Sicilian? Why would that be her native language instead of English? Can people just buy land to prevent multi-billion dollar companies from buying the land off of them? Why are the sheriffs so bad at their jobs that they stop to chat while some prisoner is trying to escape? Is it even legal to throw someone in jail for being drunk?


almost 4 years ago Becka Lynn said:

I only read the first chapter, and unfortunately, I can't really say that I enjoyed in. Stuff like this in general isn't really my cup of tea, so don't take it personally. I didn't think the dialogue seemed realistic, nor did I feel like it flowed well. People don't usually react in the ways that you have them react, and some things that were said seemed random and useless. Maybe it gets better after the first chapter, but honestly, if you can't hook someone in the beginning then they aren't going to want to read on.


almost 4 years ago Cat Starr said:

Wow. I think you did a nice job on this! It has real potential. I didn't find myself particularly drawn in at first, but as I read on I found myself liking it and by the end I was pretty hooked. I like Abbey, she such a fairly relatable character and overall this was a lighthearted and enjoyable piece to read.

Thanks so much for the follow, by the way :D


about 4 years ago KenzieLaine said:

I like it! from what i've read so far, it's a good book. nice plot, good low, and i could almost feel the emotions myself.

I didn't immediately fid myself say, i have to finish this to see what happens! it just didn't draw me in right away… not that it was bad! once i read more, i found myself enjoying it more, and found myself wanting o read a little more.

you have a god start to a good book! keep up the good work, because you have potential in this book!


Me and christion

almost 4 years ago FaythWriter said:

The story-line is opening quite nicely for the story that it seems you are creating. I do have a couple of critiques for you.

The dialogue and surrounding words that you use are almost an overkill where the southern accent is concerned. You don't have to try SO hard to show that they speak with a southern twang. It almost feels forced.

There were several typos in the first chapter. Watch your use of "their". I saw it spelled "thier" several times. Also, "whispered". Make sure that you correct these.

The story is a bit fast-paced from what I have read. The descriptions that you used are good...but I think you could add a bit more to really flesh out your story.


almost 4 years ago Faith Ren said:

Happy to say this was exactly my cup of tea :D haha! This was such a fun, lighthearted, and heartwarming read! I'm literally smiling right now ^_^ I love Abbey! she's such a realistic, real, and likable protagonist! I also have a big family (9 of us ;)) and the arguments she has with her parents are exactly like the ones I have with mine! And OMGOSH I love the song Country Road! listening to it this moment... Jerry is also so lovable and I envy the easygoing-ness between him and Abbey. The side-characters added a lot of humor as well. No criticism here (not good with noticing grammar, structure mistakes etc. sorry) and can't wait for an update :D