Waiting for Summer

Waiting for Summer

1 chapter / 247 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Ryder may have finally met his match. But is this new mystery girl enough to change his lying ways?


Red hart

almost 4 years ago Rachel D. said:

Could you perchance write more? It had a very good start!


over 4 years ago Jake Olsen said:

hahahha yes! that was awesome, thanks for welcoming me to the site!


over 4 years ago Mimi said:

I am not sure if my reaction was appropriate, but I couldn't help and laugh each time he admitted to the readers that he lied. I liked it. It is a refreshing piece of writing :)


over 4 years ago James Stapleton said:

If that happened anywhere near me, I'd yell "ROASTED!" and run away. Anyway, I really liked this.



about 4 years ago Sir Mizuikal said:

This is a review, they are written to provide criticism and usually are used to help improve your writing(s), this is not the case, this is to ensure myself a bade so my life can be complete and I may forevermore enjoy the badge of amazing wonder...BUT I digress.. GREAT story, I enjoyed reading it!

(I DID read it)