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My interpretation of life in a poem.




over 2 years ago ~~Lost~~ said:

Very well-written. I loved your imagery and your interpretation of life.

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over 3 years ago KamiLee Woodring said:

I really love the imagery put into this poem. I especially love where you said we are all unique, then you compared everyone to snowflakes; since no two people are exactly the same. I love your interpretation of life and I really wish that many more people had one like it.

I have no opinion on how you could improve this. It's completely yours, and that's perfect enough. :) Fabulous job!


over 3 years ago Ashley Kowitz said:

This is great. Beautiful imagery. Just stunning.


almost 5 years ago Elexys Larson said:

This was a really nicely written poem and I loved your interpretation. Nice job!



over 4 years ago Xrok Kade said:

Your words danced upon the page. They brought joy into my heart and a tear to my eye without missing a single beat. The way that you were able to describe the light that is within all of us is simply phenomenal, reflecting how strongly your own light must shine. You brought power into almost every line. And I say "almost" only because of one line. Your 'tidal wave' line seemed to be a bit forced, just to fit the rhyme scheme. The only other critique I have are the two lines: "What is Love?/ It is shared between husband and wife." I honestly did not like them. I feel that they were off the topic of the poem and took a step off of the path that the rest of the poem was on. Superfluous. However, don't let those minor (and they were minor) "flaws" discourage you! It was simply fantastic, and I am even reluctant to call them "flaws" because it is YOUR poem and YOUR voice, so follow your heart and whatever you decide is perfect is perfectly perfect.