The Doctor Returns

The Doctor Returns

1 chapter / 1189 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Lost in a different time period and without the Doctor, Clara struggles with the Cybermen.



almost 5 years ago Layla Trawets said:

This is such a good piece of work, I loved reading it!


almost 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

This fanfic had nice detail. Good luck in the contest.

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almost 5 years ago Gina Mialma said:

Well done please take a minute to read my story and tel me what you think

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almost 5 years ago Parisa T. said:

Excellent job! I loved the emotions, and the plot. Very well written.


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almost 5 years ago Maranda Daugherty said:

Certainly not what I was expecting, but then again, Dr Who is rarely a predictable subject. It is well-written with good use of wording and structure to control the mood.

There are just a few nit-picking sort of details that I wanted to point out. In the sentence "I thought it was a human; though, aliens these days could come in any shape or size", the semicolon is unnecessary; it would make just as much sense if you put a comma instead of the semicolon and left out the comma after "though". The only other sentence that felt awkward enough for me to point out is "Is there a place you live...?". It's probably grammatically correct, but it felt to me that a "that" or a "where" could fit between "place" and "live".

These are just suggestions, of course. I know everyone's style is different.


almost 5 years ago meg said:

Okay, so I've only seen a few episodes of Doctor Who, but I kinda thought he was immortal. You know, all the different bodies and that? I don't really know... Other than that, I had no problems. The emotions were really well planned out, very well expressed. I loved how she just got him back and then loses him within a matter of minutes. VERY emotionally exhausting. So, you messaged me for the swap... I wasn't going to pass up you reading two of my stories:) So, if you could review "Coffee and Gasoline" and "Our Last Night at the Lake" (they're both pretty short, no worries), that'd be... well, your side of the swap. Thanks!