The 70th Annual Hunger Games

The 70th Annual Hunger Games

84 chapters / 172513 words

Approximately about 14 hours to read


Welcome to the first ever Writing Fire Hunger Games writing competition! Where writers from across the Figment community come face to face in a battle of wit, creativity, and writing skill as their own tributes fight to the death in the 70th Annual Hunger Games. *Writing Contest*



over 4 years ago Mar-marrocks said:

Just letting you know, chapter 4 isn't up. Sorry to bag or anything.


over 4 years ago Mar-marrocks said:

Hey, I wanted to let u know Jonathan's chapter isn't up. Do u want me to resend it?

Tori me

over 4 years ago Torrance Courtney said:

This is really well written. I was hooked instantaneously. U have a lot of talent and I look forwards to seeing what else u will write.

If u could read "look away" or "don't forget me" that would be super helpful.


over 4 years ago Andy Z said:

Yeah I wrote my chapter for Cassius and she isn't in their either. Let me know if you got it or not. Thanks!


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