Daughter of Arkham

Daughter of Arkham

7 chapters / 8577 words

Approximately 43 minutes to read


Arkham Asylum has never been a kind and nurturing place. It houses some of the most notorious or insane criminals to ever set foot in Gotham City. Even from the description, it sounds horrible. Well it's been my home my whole life. My name is Jaromira. And this is my story. (No pairings)



almost 4 years ago Danielle Lofgren said:

I read the first six chapters, and I think that this was a great idea! I've never seen any of the Batman movies, but I still liked this. I really ship Joramira and Bruce Wayne! I think that, overall, you did a great job of writing from Joramira's mute borderline craziness. Keep going!


about 4 years ago Isabel Filippone said:

This is a really good idea and it is great so far. You should really write more you left us on kind of a cliff hanger. Anyway it was very well written and I enjoyed it. I did have a slight problem with the possiblity that a child could be put in an insane asylum's care it just doesn't seem creditable but your explanation did make it a little easier to accept so I am ok with that part. Overall it was a nice job!


about 4 years ago Iris Dracarys said:

It's getting interesting! Keep going!


about 4 years ago Sierra Frances said:

hey, this really hooked e, looking forward to more. I've never watched any Batman movies or shows or anything, but I enjoyed this. Especially how the prologue explained why she was in the Asylum, as I would have been bugged to death if not. One mistake: ch 3. says "is" instead of "his"



almost 4 years ago Astrid Hartman said:

YES! A new update!!!!!! XD

I must say, this is getting quite unsettling if I do say so myself.

There were no spelling errors I found, which is always a plus :)

I love when you describe the Joker's eyes. It was something like: 'broken eyes that could no longer be fixed' or something along those lines. Your imagery was really good, too! :)

However in the beginning the different writing style was too detached from one another and I found it slightly awkward. But towards the end of the chapter, the first and second person began to coincide better with each other and related better to the other, they weren't quite as detached.

As always, fabulous job and I can't wait for more!



about 4 years ago Astrid Hartman said:

Uggghh!! How could you?!? *glares*

Okay, sory about that, but really what a cliff hanger!

Your story is amazing, with tons of detail that makes it very clear to visualize what is happening in the story. This is really good, though I was a little skeptical when I saw it was about Batman, but you made it work beautifully.

Chapter Two- I am probably the only one that thought this but I thought your main character (MC) was a boy for some reason. Just by the voice of the MC and how she talked in the prologue I thought it was a guy with long hair.

So you can imagine how confused I was when at the beginning of chapter two you said: Italics= her writing in notebook. And I was like wait, he's a girl? Hold up! Than I had to totally re-draw the MC in my mind and for like the next chapter an a half I had trouble comprehending that he was a she.

Chapter Three- silently made my way from the cafeteria. "Now that she's gone..."

Chapter Four- all I have to say you officially creeped me out but if I thought that was bad, it was nothing compared to chapter five *shivers uncontrollably and hides under blanket*

Chapter Five- "Why hello, Batsy! Haven't seen you in a while." And when Batman speaks after this you should return/enter that way it becomes a new line because it's a different character that's speaking.

If I may ask one question because I did not understand this one thing, other than the Joker *shiver* but what is aerosol? The Joker sprays the MC with it and it has to be quite painful when it comes in contact with the eyes because she screams. Her first sound ever! Too bad it had to be a scream... *glares at Joker than looks away quickly before he notices*

You are writing an amazing book, my dear, and I am definitely following you to read more. *click*