The Man of my Dreams

The Man of my Dreams

1 chapter / 747 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!! Thanks everyone who hearted and loved the story! I am so happy :D And congrats to the other finalists!! I read all of them and they were definitely tough competition :D



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over 5 years ago Wave Hallowique said:

Oh god, this story has become one of my dreams. How good will it be to meet a perfect guy in my dreams and in reality. I really like the ending when you let him meet her at the door. It feels to me like she's living her dream, and that her real life is as fantastic as someone could dream for. The prize really suits this story. All in all, a wonderful piece!! :D


almost 6 years ago Jane Doe said:

I know how it is to dream of someone that is perfect, but me, unlike Sophia didn't actually get him. I love the point of view, it made everything so more personal. It would be awesome to expand this story but it is still beautiful how it is. Great job.