The Middle

The Middle

1 chapter / 749 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Finalist for The Romance Contest with Alyson Noel!!IF YOU LIKE THIS, PLEASE HEART.I AM SORRY IF THIS SEEMS RUSHED, but I am only allowed 750 words, (I used 749 words) and I needed to get to the point. This is my entry for the Romance contest; I am all about winning!(not the charlie sheen kind) plz heart if u like it; don't hate if you don't. Ive nvr read alyson noel's book, but i have a hold for it in the library right now .)



almost 6 years ago Vivian Thai said:

Wow this is so powerful I love it I can see why you were a finalist this was simply breath taking well written descriptions were perfect emotions shined through out it

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over 6 years ago Kylie Rae said:

I reallly like this... it's just a great idea, and the writing's good. :)


over 6 years ago Maddy Budz said:

katarina, this is fantastic! :] i'm so proud


over 6 years ago Julia Mac said:

This was absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed the ending and how the stories were so brutally honest. It really has a sort of... nice and full conclusion, between both of the characters and their pasts and each other. I enjoyed this a lot.



over 6 years ago Julia A said:

Wow this is really good!!! It shows to emotion and I definetly think you deserve to win the contest!


over 6 years ago Zoe Schenck said:

Very lovely. I adored this piece. Its better than any of my fail romances. I thought the kiss was a little pressured in there but I do understand there was a length limit. I think it would be better without out, maybe leave it with a very admiring hug. Good ideas, lovely writing. Very good job overall. :)