The Crack Pipe

The Crack Pipe

1 chapter / 847 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


You see, there's a difference between white-washed walls and beer-stained carpets (or, the one where a drug addict in recovery can't sleep).




almost 5 years ago L. Schmidt said:

Hi Quentin,

Despite the tension and inner turmoil that your main character is feeling, this is a quiet story, which is why it works so well. The slow passage of time and the contrast of the past and the present, his mind spinning on the drugs he doesn't have. Very nice.

Keep writing and good luck,



almost 5 years ago Robyn Ara said:

Wow! Love it Kalli!

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almost 5 years ago APolanski said:

Very nice. This is something I haven't seen before. (Read The Immortals-Clare, please?)



almost 5 years ago Rae Kirsten said:

Oooh, this was interesting. You set an incredibly quiet setting, as if you were hearing the characters thoughts and feeling the characters emotions with him--without ever saying that you were. That takes talent. I love how the introduction and conclusion both state a time. It shows that his inner struggle is beating at him, and he can't move past it. I can just picture the character now, looking utterly depressed . . . AMAZING JOB. You wrote this very well.