An Affinity for Amelia

An Affinity for Amelia

34 chapters / 16058 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Amelia Lemon has worked in an orchard for all her seventeen years of life. With her final summer rolling around before she runs away and goes to college, she's not here to make memories--she's here to tie loose strings together to soften the blow she'll cause when she abandons her family. In fact, the last thing she's looking for in her final summer is a relationship with a boy who's deathly afraid of animals. But, as the summer progresses, she finds that that is exactly what she gets.


Adventure, Romance, Novel



over 3 years ago Christina Im said:

Oh. My. Gosh. I'm not going to lie, I was super excited when I got the notification that you updated this. And Bailey and Amelia continue to give me ALL THE FEELS.

Keep up the loveliness!

Me 1963

over 3 years ago Linda D said:

1 – 34 I had to start from the beginning and read all the way through to what you’ve written so far. I love Bailey’s shyness. That boy! I love how Amelia goes to her brother for kissing advice.

Instead of my usual editing/reviewing, I just read for enjoyment. I did have a couple of questions though; don’t any of the brothers have a girlfriend? And her dad is hardly made an appearance, except when everyone was sick.


over 3 years ago Christina Im said:

Argh, okay, WOW.

Amelia and Bailey. Oh my.

Long story short, this is beautiful. *flails*


almost 4 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

Chapters 29-31:

Amelia and Bailey are so cute and nothing hurts *_* I had no idea that I missed a few chapters, so when I was lurking on your page this afternoon I got excited to see that I still had more to read! I love this story so much; it's gentle and drowsy, sort of like curling up on the couch during a sunset, but there's enough tension to keep me flipping through the chapters.

I want to know if Bailey will get over his fear of animals - especially now that Penny had kittens. I feel like that's going ot be important for his growth. Maybe seeing a kitten from birth, and being able to touch it (unlike a fish) will help him. I mean, I like fish, but they aren't cuddly and warm. Most of the time, I feel nervous when it's time to clean the tank because I might drop the fish during the transer - or more likely, it will jump out. Brrr.

I'm curious about her conversatin with Kendall. I'm sure she did say something to him, but we won't know until Bailet finds out, I guess. This is important since her dreams of going to college are still there. And good for her. I don't know if I just can't remember, but I wonder what Amelia wants to study in college. Something with animals would be pretty cool. Maybe helping Bailey would make her realize that... if that's going to happen at all.

So there you go. Me rambling, thinking about your wonderful characters. I know you've been very busy with school, but I hope you continue with this project :)


Me 1963

over 4 years ago Linda D said:

This is the beginning of a cute story. A fun, easy read, with some very good images.

I love the line – “the heat already present, but not yet formed into fully thought-out sentences.”

I do have some confusion on some of the images – just the logistics of what, where, when:

“Amelia picks fruit with her bare feet” – perhaps “(in) her bare feet” – as I had an instant image of a girl using her feet and toes to pick the fruit off the tree – not what you meant, but that image popped in my head at that phrasing “with her bare feet.”

If she remembers correctly, one of…dirty, (giving) an exasperated look… because you went from past “remembers” to now “that played”

Pg 2 –“ Alright,” Amelia grumbled – only because you were talking about the mother the moment before so “she” is ambiguous.

Pg 4 –smoky lung-fulls

A square jaw and a soft nose - soft nose? How can she tell it is soft? Maybe “a refined nose.”

She lets him open the pickup door and gingerly pick her up – but before she is “trying to get out – when she does – so is she in the pickup or beside it?

You have said she is going to college, and the she drives, so I am guessing around 17 or 18, but you haven’t told us in the story – in the bio, yes, in the story, no. and you talk about her orchard work, but what about her school life – you don’t give any hint of that, so I thought she was graduated and working full time in the orchard, wishing to go to college.

Ah, a phone number in her pocket? Bailey’s no doubt.

Write on.