Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

1 chapter / 182 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Abbey Goodfeller works as a supply organizer at the Fitzperetty Bakery, and the headaches just aren't doing it for her anymore. Her paycheck isn't nearly what she deserves, and she knows exactly the reason: ridiculous expenses that use up all the money. She's calling it quits, and here is the letter she writes to her boss.


Writing, Comedy, Poetry




over 4 years ago Alexandra G said:

This was really funny! I liked that the rhymes didn't all come at the end of a sentence - it definitely flowed well.


over 4 years ago Inmodica Runningjump said:

I actually laughed, out loud, when I read this. Seriously, that's a major accomplishment. You are to be commended.


over 4 years ago J. Li said:

Nice work! This was creative and unique, love the emphasis of how crazy the job was to the narrator. Great job!



over 4 years ago Ashley <3 said:

It made me laugh really loud, which made me look really dumb.


over 4 years ago Sarah Timmapuri said:

So funny - definitely brought a smile to my face!