The Grey Twilight of Gothic Things (PAD)

The Grey Twilight of Gothic Things (PAD)

1 chapter / 99 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Some found poetry, using snippets of the letters Oscar Wilde sent to Lord Alfred Douglas. They're terribly beautiful, if you want to read them (and I wholeheartedly encourage you to). Also, I hate the way Figment formats things, so if you want to see the way I wanted this poem to look, go here:


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over 4 years ago T. L. LaRoo said:

I love it. Brilliantly done, bravo.

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over 4 years ago RowAn Ravenclaw the Slytherin said:

This is very beautiful. The blog link doesn't work, FYI: It said I wasn't allowed to read your blog. Sensible of you, but annoying, since I wanted to see the format. :) Wonderful poem!



over 4 years ago Sir Mizuikal said:

This is a review, they are written to provide critism and usually are used to help improve your writing(s), this is not the case, this is to ensure myself a bade so my life can be complete and I may forevermore enjoy the badge of amazing wonder... wonderful poem, though