2 chapters / 2594 words

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Warning- this story might have bad language and raw material.
'Just Crash, Fall down, wrap your arms around me now'

She's new to the town, and He's something of a celebrity. She's stubborn, and he....well he has a rather bad cause of OCD, and he's always smiling at her. Somethings off about the little town, and the Tall Guy with the infuriating smirk was at the top of the food chain.

"'I love you." His emerald eyes took on a glassy look, and I had to look away.

"You don't know how to love," I said evenly, turning my body ever so slightly to face his. Sunddenly he crossed the room, with two strides of his long powerful legs, and here he was. A hairs breath away from my lips. His eyes daring me, and his lips taunting me with their crooked smile.

Then his lips crashed against mine."


Adventure, Romance, Drama



over 4 years ago The Mage of Breath said:

I'm very interested as to what's going to happen next. I'm hoping to see more! c:


over 4 years ago Laura said:

I absolutely loved his story! I think your descriptions are amazing and you have a very mature writing style. The plot was great because it was intense, confusing, creepy, and funny all at once. The story really seemed to pull me in. Overall, you did a great job.


over 4 years ago Sierra Frances said:

cool so far, i really enjoyed this. i NEED to know what happens!!!!!!! very funny viewpoint on an assassin.


over 4 years ago Oakley Skythief said:

This is really good. Just from the first chapter we understand a lot about the main protagonist's character from your characterisation :) Really nice job with this, you write well and descriptively! I'm hearting this ;)



over 4 years ago Kandace Lynn said:

If I could "wow" and "heart" this one million times over, believe me, I would! This was mind-blowing. I am so utterly intrigued, and I am so very ready to hear the rest of the story. I found this concept to be gorgeous (I don't know the whole concept, but so far, you're golden) and it was almost fascinating to see such a definable contrast in the voices of the two characters. The voice in this story is magnificently strong and vibrant, which is not an easy thing for myself as a writer to pull off. I loved the descriptions and I am craving to see where this goes: I absolutely see huge potential for this piece. My only suggestion would be to make the upcoming chapters longer because so far, I do feel they come to a close rather quickly. (However, I do understand that you're setting a foundation and you want those chapters to leave your readers hanging.) I am also a huge believer that no matter how many times you read through a story, you almost always can find at least one thing to improve. There are a few typos, missing punctuation marks and grammatical improvements, but you should be able to find those easily when you read through. All in all, I. Am. Hooked. :) Please continue with this piece; I honestly adore it! If you ever need any pointers or an opinion, I would be more than happy to help you whenever and if you ever need it. Happy Writing! -Kandace


over 4 years ago Marina Ignatyeva said:

I REALLY love this! It was so descriptive, and just wonderful! there were only two things that I noticed could be changed, 1. In paragraph 1 there is repetition of "my face" in the same sentence, the second “My face” could be cut out. 2. In paragraph 2 “where” change to "were"

Otherwise you did an awesome job! Keep it up, I cannot wait to read more!