That Crazy Brother

That Crazy Brother

10 chapters / 19110 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Gennie agreed to go on a sympathy date with her step dads friends son, but when he turns out to be an ass and the older brother swoops in to protect her, will she fall for him? And if she does, will they be able to live a normal life with a mentally deranged stalker following their every move?
It's a story of love, lust, and lose.


Drama, Romance, Suspense


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over 4 years ago Rose Cherie said:

Damn you. You're just fucking cold. You *keep* leaving me in suspense.



over 4 years ago Celia Brown said:

Wow, I just read all ten chapters in like 40 minutes! I cound't take my eyes off the screen! That was amazing, Please continue this story!!!


over 4 years ago Kandie Mandie said:

I read all 10 chapters.. OMG THIS IS AMAZING! please let me know what you update this!! :D

Fuck yeah bruh2

over 4 years ago Soluna said:

Please don't say the older brother or Gennie dies or i will track you down and kill you! That's how serious about how i want them both to live. Because i have read to many books that have one of the main characters dying that it is KILLING ME!!!!!



over 4 years ago T. Lacroixe said:

This was such an engaging story. Fast paced to keep me interested and well written -other than a few spelling errors but we all do that haha. I'm a slow reader but I totally read it all within an hour I was that into it haha. Cannot wait for an update!!!!!!


almost 5 years ago Isa Mari said:

This was fantastic! I only read up to chapter four but I will definitely give a more thorough review when I finish. So far, so good.