The Lighthouse Room

The Lighthouse Room

1 chapter / 258 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


*concrete poem* I love concrete poetry but it's kind of hard to make it work on the computer. I think I did pretty good job with this one. Hopefully you understand where I was going with it....


Drama, Romance, Poetry



almost 6 years ago Davina Huntwork said:

I loved it, and the formatting :)

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over 6 years ago Celestine Co said:

The format was interesting and really added to the depth of the poem. Nice. :)

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over 6 years ago cinderellie said:

Everything is great, and beautifully written. I am literally speechless... Wow, great piece!


over 6 years ago Allie illusion said:

that was really good. I love the way it was written!!



over 6 years ago ethereal said:

I love your poem so much. 'He' was God, wasn't it? It was beautiful, the poem, your wording, your formation... I LOVED IT!! I'm not really that great at reviews so this review doesn't do your poem justice because it's that good! If there was a Broadway for poems, this would be there!