Her Beloved Tormentor

Her Beloved Tormentor

10 chapters / 11601 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Ashley was changed into a vampire, not by being bitten but from injection. A friendly guy named Austin helps her to escape and after one night of romance they've fallen in love. But when Ashley is caught and sent to the "Auctions", one of the worst places for a vampire to be, what will she do when her newest owner is revealed as Austin? And not only is he back, but he's also a werewolf. Will she let the past stay in the past, or will Austin's persistance pay off and recindle that once burning flame of love and passion?



about 4 years ago Andrea Roy said:

please i need to read chapter 10 i no u may be busy put please take 10 minutes of your time and u'll make my dayy


about 4 years ago Andrea Roy said:

i really like ur story and when you put in chapter 10 i will heart it and put a review of it on my wall so others will read it too good look reaching 100

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about 4 years ago Rose Cherie said:

I need to read Chapter Ten! C'mon! Gods!



over 4 years ago blackink said:

Finally an update! Yeeeeeeeees!XD



over 4 years ago T. Lacroixe said:

Your story was so good. It was incredibly sexy and intriguing without being smutty at all. I loved your idea about the experiments and slavery aspect of a paranormal realm, but was a little confused as to how old they were. Was Ashley frozen as a sixteen year old? I read this out of pure curiosity and was greatly pleased with it! I am only looking for reviews on my story Chocolate Roses. It is very long and is not finished haha But I appreciate whatever you can give. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to read more of your works! I really do enjoy your writing!


over 4 years ago Andrea Roy said:

Ok I read you story so far and it is about 45 min this is for a swap but your story is much longer than mine.Therefore I'm asking you to read my stories "Never Forget me","Darkness",and "Sunshine" please leave a comment/review on each of them and heart it if you like it.P.S ALL THESE STORIES TOGETHER ONLY ADD UP TO ABOUT 10 MIN.SO PLEASE READ AND WRITE A DETAILED COMMENT/REVIEW.hearts are highly appreciated!FREE READS ON MY OTHER STORIES ARE ALSO WELCOME>they're very short and simple.

Your story was good so far but it was a little hard to clearly see her feelings for Austin.I liked the ideas you had in this story and it was definitely different from others.However the errors you had hurt the flow of the story.You never explained what "Lamia"means which made me wonder if it was just a nickname or had a special meaning.Also you say she's 16 now and he'd been looking for her for 2 years.that means she was only 14 when she was captured and before that she had been with him a while before she was captured so she was only 13 when she made love with him.Also I was confused about when she was captured because it says that Austin helped her escape in the thing and then it says that after he got home while getting food for her she was gone.But all together nice job!