Then Again.

Then Again.

9 chapters / 8448 words

Approximately 42 minutes to read


**Mature Content.**
Love, Lust && Infidelity.


Writing, Romance, Drama




over 4 years ago Sedalia said:

I read just the first two sentences and had to stop and follow you! AMAZING! I am gonna keep reading now :p


over 4 years ago Elexys Larson said:

This was a really good story. You did a really good job at making the reader want to keep going. Some parts could use a little more detail because they seem a little abrupt. Also, I found some grammar and spelling errors, (sorry, I'm a grammar/spelling Nazi,) but they can be easily fixed. Overall, great plot line! Awesome job :)


over 4 years ago Ember Dice said:

I like how you start the story off, it really catches the readers attention. Great descriptions ^,^


over 4 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

Really good story. I like your character building and the flow of your writing very well done



over 4 years ago Ashley Nedu said:

Hey Kylie Marie,

My name's Ashley and I am the new Admin to the group We Write For 18+ that you joined. I wanted to get acquainted with everyone and their work so here I am.

I have to say, this is really amazing. How you make her come off so confused and as a weak main character that's a really hard thing to do. But you've pulled it off. Cu-toes to you and I hope to read more soon.

This could be the next big thing.



over 4 years ago MeganLinski said:

I was supposed to read your romance story, but I'll do that in a second. Right now I have to tell you how this story caught my eye right away. The descriptions and the s** scenes were great, and I like how you managed to pull off a twist right at the end. The only thing I can think of to straighten out is the formatting and grammar mistakes. Otherwise... :)