1 chapter / 1111 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Grand Prize Winner of the Summer Romance Contest! Once a year, the Seven Stations all dock together to share resources and celebrate the completion of another orbit. Evelyn's sister, Annalisa, disappeared on a Summermeet two years ago. In searching for her, Evelyn finds more than she bargained for in the form of Fitch, a scruffy but charming station-hopper.

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I like Books.


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over 1 year ago flyaway katie said:

Amazing story. It evokes a whole universe in such a short space of time. You could expand this out to a novel or even a series. Great work!



over 3 years ago Torr said:

I absolutely love this story! The story line is fresh and new and keeps me wanting to read more. I wish this story was a whole book! I love the lingo in the book. I like your writing style and I love how the story flows. I wish there was more to read, because I would read it to the very end. Well done!


about 4 years ago Christina Lui said:

I just finished reading your story, great work. I just have a few things I want to point out, keep in mind that this is all my subjective thinking and you are free to ignore me. - I stop, my spine gone stiff. “You really want to know?” – I don’t really understand the reaction she’s having to his question. It seems really natural that he would ask. The weird thing is why he’s following her around. - I hitch in a breath. – Never heard that expression before, not sure what “hitch” means there, but that’s me personally. - … she jumped Station and never came home.- Do you mean “the” station? The way you say it here sounds like there is only one station. -… told me it was just the exhaustion lying on my body.- I don’t think that “lying” is the best word to use there. - I like the idea you have set up about stations and summermeet and really making the story unique. -All in all, a cute story. I think you can expand this way more, talk about each adventure in each station, the people they meet, experiences they have, maybe even a fight or argument here and there. You should also talk about the authorities, and have an antagonist presence. If under age people are not supposed to cross, there has to be someone that finds out about it and wants to stop them. I think you can develop your characters more, and dive into their relationship and dynamic more. I loved your story, keep up the great work.