The Inventor's Daughter

The Inventor's Daughter

1 chapter / 2226 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


She's not quite human, but she could be his only escape.



almost 3 years ago Iris Dracarys said:

Beautifully written, great premise also. You have the talent of fleshing out characters with a few lines.


about 4 years ago Kat Delena said:

You have such an amazing style of writing. Just... wow.


over 4 years ago Sonty V. said:

Wow. I just- I am blown away by your writing. You have a really unique style and the plot of this was really interesting. The ending was really heart-wrenching. Honestly? I really really wanted Milo to rescue Penelope. You've left me with so many questions and I'd love if you'd continue this :3 As it is right now though, I'm pretty satisfied.

Nice tags, by the way xD

Keep writing~ sonty


over 4 years ago Kayla Thaler said:

This was amazing! I didn't want it to end, honestly. Please continue this! I loved the plot and description. The ending was amazing and made me want more, even though there wasn't. I did read the tags and this doesn't suck! Also, I love the cover of this. Great job!


Blue butterfly piano

over 4 years ago SOH said:

I honestly think you should continue this! It was pretty cool, and it you add more detail it'd make an excellent novel. I think you've done great here. I also think you should take off the "just kidding this sucks" from your tags. Excellent job! Ciao! -SOH


over 4 years ago Sara NS Francis said:

This is a really condenced version of a really good novel! You have all the basic character needs, a nice good conflict, a mysterious villian. What you need is more of everything. I feel there should be more travel, more explainations, more details, more descriptions, more interations. It's the making of a nice suspence. You also have some typos in the beginning. But you have my aproval.