To Save A Life

To Save A Life

1 chapter / 191 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


My entry for the "Shana Abe: Writing Realistically About Magic" contest. It is about a girl who grants herself a dreadful fate in order to save her lover from certain death.


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over 4 years ago Laylah Kenzie Corrally said:

I know this probably one u didn't ask for, but it's on me, OK? It really left me hanging, and I think you could add a little more detail, like what power does she have? How do they know each other? I also found two spelling mistakes: mine instead of mind, his instead of my. Other than that, nice beginning, thou a little background knowledge Never hurt anyone.

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over 4 years ago Georgia Cline said:

Wow, that was one intense gift! I like how you ended it on a question; it throws doubt on what she had just done and concern into the reader. Altogether, well done!


over 4 years ago Kalia Mignetto said:

I am incredibly jealous of how well you write flash-fic. This was amazing and very well-described, given the word limit. I'm not a huge fan of "I love you, so I'll do anything for you" characters, but you made it work.


over 4 years ago Analysha Nicole Froster said:

Wow. I'm amazed, and I really hope you continue this piece of art. This is very well written, and the desrciption of the rain mixing with the tears was very well thought out. You have a true talent! Keep it up !


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