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Copyright © 2017. Thank you Daniel Jimenez for the perfect Cover Design!! This is a complete FICTIONAL story... one day sitting at my desk I thought of a story, a story that would break hearts but would open eyes and minds... This is the story of a little girl, a happy and loved little girl with Leukemia.


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5 days ago Alyssa Nembhard said:

That was so sad. She turned 10 and she just got leukemia. It's so heartbreaking. You are a really good writer.

Aliceb5 (1)

6 days ago Coral Vaci said:

This story is marvelous and very sad. My paternal grandfather had leukemia.

Keep writing! You have talent! :)


9 days ago Chris Guard said:

I wasn't ready for how sad that was. Poor family, poor girl. That's heartbreaking.


9 days ago L.Greene said:

This is so amazing and sad at the same time.


Maybe one daycover1

9 days ago Ashley C. Nicole said:

Wow, this was very intense! There was a lot of emotion in this piece, and it gave me a lot of powerful feelings. I think the concept is obviously very sad but also interesting to tell the story from the point of view from the patient themselves and not one of their friends/family members. There were some small grammar mistakes, like not capitalizing the first word of a sentence. I'm not sure if this was stylistic, because the piece is being "written" by a 10-year old, but honestly, it was a little distracting and would look much more professional to fix those capitalization errors and let the young age of the narrator shine through in the way she describes her situation. Also, when referring to her parents, you can capitalize Mommy and Daddy because they're in place of people's names (a weird grammar rule that I only learned recently).

Those are super minor but would make this piece even better!! Overall, I really liked this and the way you told this story. Especially that bit at the end about her brother; it was all very emotional and well-written.