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Copyright © 2017. Thank you Daniel Jimenez for the perfect Cover Design!! This is a complete FICTIONAL story... one day sitting at my desk I thought of a story, a story that would break hearts but would open eyes and minds... This is the story of a little girl, a happy and loved little girl with Leukemia.


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4 months ago Ayumi Tomi said:

This is very well written and terribly sad. There's a lot of emotion in this piece and it's very easy to see. To be honest, if you don't cry or at least feel like it, there's something wrong somewhere. You're a great writer and you should be very proud of the work you've done here.


4 months ago Alyssa Nembhard said:

That was so sad. She turned 10 and she just got leukemia. It's so heartbreaking. You are a really good writer.

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4 months ago Coral Vaci said:

This story is marvelous and very sad. My paternal grandfather had leukemia.

Keep writing! You have talent! :)


4 months ago Chris Guard said:

I wasn't ready for how sad that was. Poor family, poor girl. That's heartbreaking.



3 months ago Cadet Nightingale said:

I loved this piece very much. I loved how you have tackled the writing style and thoughts of a young child. The abruptness of sentences and thoughts including the side thoughts (in example Tinker Bell) brought the realness that if it was lacking could take a lot away from the writing.

There was some grammatical errors but those are brought up in other reviews so I won't be redundant and bringing them up in this review.

Overall great work and thank you for sharing this with me.


4 months ago Erin Rae said:

This story is indeed very sad and it's a very heavy subject. You capture the story through a 10 year olds eyes perfectly. You have so much emotion in such a short piece, good job. I saw some grammatical and spelling errors though. When the doctors are telling the parents about her condition, he says "farther," when it should be "further." Also look out for missing commas and spaces. Very well done, keep writing.