Dearest Beth

Dearest Beth

1 chapter / 239 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A letter from war.

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Beautiful world

over 4 years ago Alexia Fornah said:

This was amazing. Such emotion that he wrote to his love


over 4 years ago Abbey said:

This is a comment to myself because I don't think I'm allowed to change this at all for the contest, and I don't know if the contest has ended yet or not.

Stanza 5, last line: To hear his (first) word(s).

Stanza 6, last line: See such war.


over 4 years ago Brianna Montanari said:

Wow, this was amazing. The letter poem to his wife during war this was so sad and realistic! You did a good job showing the voice and emotion


over 4 years ago Nicole said:

Oh my god this was fantastic! I am really curious to see which war this is, but I am assuming it is one of the world wars. It was nice to see that repeating stanza at the beginning and end - it really brought a spark to the poem/letter.



over 4 years ago Alyn Wallace said:

I have one comment: you end a line with "of" you should end it with "of the heart" and then put "queen" as the opening of the next line. It would ensure that you always end on a strong note and that you end every line of your poem has just as much impact as the line before. Beyond that, it's really a masterfully written piece.