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A poem about the mind


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about 3 years ago Heartbreak Girl said:



about 3 years ago Heartbreak Girl said:

Hey Alfred, Follow my new account! Thanks bae


over 4 years ago Leann Parker said:

UUUAAAAAAA LOVE THIS. GREAT wording and GREAT play on eords and GREAT ideas in it. Your mind is awesome :D


over 4 years ago Pixie Dust said:

I am not a poetry fan, like at all. But this was well written and powerful! I cyberapplause you.


White squirrel 3

over 4 years ago Meri Elena said:

Excellent work. Your extensive use of metaphor is intelligent and meaningful. You choose every word such that it imparts exactly the right idea, and you clearly have an extensive vocabulary (and aren't afraid to use it). Probably what struck me most immediately, though, was that you don't have any awkward rhymes in there. You don't rhyme words with themselves and you don't sacrifice the flow of the poem merely to achieve the rhyme scheme. In short, this is an example of exquisite poetic craftsmanship.


over 4 years ago Sarah Evelyn said:

Exquisitely written poem, I was quite taken aback by the extreme skill that was demonstrated. It is clear that each word was chosen with care purpose. Everything flows nicely and comfortably, and it feels more than just pretty words residing next to each other- but more like complex words that compliment one another than trying to stand out on their own. I actually enjoyed the rhyme scheme, for in its simplistic ways coupled with the subject matter at hand, it suggests a hidden complexity as well as a routinely feel. I am very impressed with your work, well done!