My Happy Ending

My Happy Ending

2 chapters / 2349 words

Approximately 12 minutes to read


Warning, a few curses involved. Hope you like it, it's different from "Cursed", but I still enjoy writing this type of genre too! Follow me to get updates of the story, if you like it! I promise it'll get better....lolol :) Cover made by me. :)


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about 4 years ago Cassia Black said:

Yeowtch. VERY relatable. Almost scarily so. :P normally I do reviews, not comments, but... well, i couldn't find much to criticize - just be careful about magnifying her insecurities to the point where they come unbelievable; you skirted the line once or twice. Otherwise, I loved it! ^.^


over 4 years ago magela said:

I loved this piece! The end was very surprising, nice twist.

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over 4 years ago Ballykissangel said:

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next chapter =)


over 4 years ago Ophelia said:

That was a good story, but some of the details need clarifying. Like, where were the girls' parents? For a couple paragraphs I thought they were dead-it seemed like Bree was Lilly's only parental figure, especially when you mentioned how her mother would never have let Lilly dress like that, and the comment about bringing everyone to Africa. Your characters were funny and quirky, and I liked the plot. Good job!


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over 4 years ago Elizabeth Prower said:

I like what you did with the plot. It sounded like it was going to be a cliche love at first sight-type romance, so the twist at the end was great. Nice work!