North Star

North Star

1 chapter / 1175 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Captain Reece Vega of the North Star sails to the Edge of the Earth as one of the last remaining humans on Earth to escape the Larken. Reece and her crew of cousin Nikolai, navigator Shylock, and lazy porter Arthur are launched into space to go on a mind-blowing adventure on the North Star! (Beautiful cover by the wonderfully talented DJV)



about 2 years ago Elith McCoy said:

More please...?


about 2 years ago Helen He said:



almost 4 years ago PriyaKS said:

I loved this! I think your descriptions and little pieces of information fit in very well; they don't feel forced or awkward at all. Very interesting idea and, although I would love more, this was still very good as it is. Well done!



over 4 years ago Band-tastic! said:

Good. reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 haha



over 4 years ago MJB said:

Awesome! I really like this story. From the first words, I was hooked. I like the characters, the Larks, the 'Edge', the fighting. Very cool and new. I was a little panicked when I reached the last paragraph, afraid it might end too suddenly, but it actually flowed very well. If there was more to the story I would definitely continue reading it!

Me 1963

over 4 years ago Linda D said:

Great piece of writing. Captivating. Lots of action with the Larks and camaraderie of the crew. I loved it all.

One typo: “…looked up into his crow’s (nest) and whistled…”

I would be great if you continued this, but it is just as good as a short story.