One Winter with Luke

One Winter with Luke

53 chapters / 46774 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


This is the sequel to the novel One Summer with Sadie.
Come back to rejoin Luke and Sadie as, seven years later, they seem to crash into each other's lives yet again. Will it go as it had last time-weeks of bliss ended with one ignorant mistake? Or will love truly pull them through? This time it seems as if fate WANTS for them to be together. But will Sadie's carefully guarded emotions push Luke away? Find out, all in One Winter with Luke.


Writing, Comedy, Romance
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almost 5 years ago DJC said:

Go read Songbirds!!! :)


almost 5 years ago Kacii said:



almost 5 years ago Jasper♬ said:

She proposed to him!! Even better :)


almost 5 years ago Sarah Jane May said:




over 5 years ago Elena Jimenez said:

ok first I'm going to give you a tiny tiny advice. You should not change from first person to second, it's kind of confusing, you are saying him and then all of the sudden you say "I". Ok now what I REALLY wanted to tell you.

OMG THIS IS THE MOST ADDICTIVE THING EVER!!! I JUST COULDN'T STOP READING! for god's sake you have to keep writingg!!!! :O that was SO amazing! *----* and I wanna know what happened with the baby and when will sadie just understand they are meant for each other XDD :D


over 5 years ago SecretsMakeMyLife said:

Is this finished?? Please tell me its not finished! Please do not tell me you never write this anymore! Please update!

Can you tell that I liked it?(;