Stay Awake Child

Stay Awake Child

1 chapter / 167 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A poem about things that I think about a lot. Cover by Abby Shugrue.


Writing, Poetry


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almost 4 years ago Mary Wilson said:

I really like poems and writing about children and childhood and I felt that this poem really captured it.

I liked the way that (to me) this poem felt like it was your current self, talking to your child self, trying to almost warn him and send him a message. The message that I got from this poem was that you need to seize the day and enjoy life, living every moment to the fullest, and you wish someone had told you that when you were young.

Overall, a beautifully simplistic yet content-heavy poem.



over 4 years ago Jaso said:

i'd love to review this but funny thing is Jimmy, I haven't got much to say and I feel as though it's pointless to give a review simply to rave. So really great job, I enjoyed this and the simplicity of it.



over 4 years ago Emily Bruss said:

Interesting poem. Very upfronting. How often do we look at our lives and realize how very little we have done to impact others around us? I like the repetition of the first line and how you give excuses in the poem. The last line was very thought provoking. I've often wondered what a simple person like me could do in life that would have any last meaning especially after I read the book Do Hard Things. I think you'd like it. It gave me a reason not to wait for life to start but to start it myself. Lovely poem, but in the 3rd stanza from the end I think you mean Spoiling friendships instead of "soiling". I hope to read more of your pieces in the future. -Emily