Alone, Alone, So Very Alone

Alone, Alone, So Very Alone

1 chapter / 292 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


[Cover by Dhizz Girl]





over 2 years ago GreenCat said:

The imagery is amazing. The blanket of silence felt comfortable and soft. Spider made me cringe, despite me having no negative feelings about them on a daily basis. Then I felt almost dry, when you talked about lungs becoming empty. A beautiful portrayal of fear and anxiety. Subtle in structure, strong in effect. "Blanket of webs" made me think of something that you trusted before turning against you. (I.e. blanket of silence.) And, personally, "it's getting too warm" made me remember the unpleasantly hot summer mornings. Again, it felt as something that should be pleasant turning out against you. Candle being too bright, being cradled /but not by the spider/... It's almost as if the entire world is against you. A truly intense piece of work.


over 2 years ago Rey LaRoux said:

Um. I wasn't expecting this at all. It was a very beautifully written piece. Let's just say that this poem is very relatable. You captured everything so perfectly it was crazy. The repetition had a good purpose in this poem and did justice for it. The monsters, or spiders in this case, try to come for us all right? It's just that some can't because have to much joy, or light, in their life for the monsters to find us.I really liked this read. It was very amazing.


over 2 years ago Lucy Marie said:

This was gorgeous. I LOVED how at first you described the narrator sinking into depression and how the world just seemed to watch it happen, not caring nor helping. The metaphor of the spider and the web of sadness was really effective, and sort of showed how depression just creeps into a person, slowly eclipsing the light, like the sufferer can watch their world disappearing with no one helping. But then the light came, and took the spider away, and I seriously smiled. I LOVED how you showed the transition and placed in this person that cared, that was going to save the narrator and not let them be alone any more. It was JUST beautiful. As always, good flow, good word-play, I could not find anything to correct. I love your writing!


over 4 years ago Adrianne Etheridge said:

Oh my goodness, this is my new favorite poem! I just loved the repetition, and everything in it!


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