The Black Roze

The Black Roze

1 chapter / 131 words

Approximately half a minute to read


"Don't you know why she's called that? The witch? Black roses mean death. That's all she brings when she comes around."



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over 4 years ago Kayla Allen said:

This is really cool! Some comments:

1. You might want to consider sticking to a regular meter and syllable count. The end rhymes give it a sing-song feel – why not go all the way?

2. What does “I am the one, who went down a killed dove,” mean?

3. You don’t really need those commas in the second stanza.

4. Setting up the third stanza with “I am the young one, forever old” gives the impression that the rest of the lines will have similar contrasts.

5. Perhaps use a more striking word in place of curtain.

6. You could say “I am the girl whose poor heart froze” if you want the same line length without the fudged grammar.

7. Your imagery is great.

8. I absolutely adore the line “Your soul will be on my silver place.”