RIP: Obituary of a Student

RIP: Obituary of a Student

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Something I wrote when I should technically be revising for my Geography test.


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over 4 years ago Marina Harper said:

Haha, so true, I almost died a few months ago from the same cause. It's scary what's happening to the world...


over 4 years ago Lady Cirrus said:

Such a short life, it really is a tragedy. This hit particularly close to home with exams right around the corner. I liked it, its a lighthearted and witty reminder that there is so much pressure on highschoolers (1999 would mean sophomore?) to excel at everything, get straight A's in all their classes, and still do extra curricular (preferably as the president or captain). My sympathies go to ms.Lee's family.


over 4 years ago Rachel Pengilly said:

Lol, very funny and very cool :D i have exams tomorrow. If I die, you can write my obituary ;)


over 4 years ago Jordan B said:

Haha interesting idea, I liked it :)


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