When We Leave

When We Leave

1 chapter / 1160 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


What if there was somewhere else that could sustain human life?
Bridget is going to be one of the first to find out. While Earth and the human race are slowly being torn apart by pollution, a select number of teenagers and young adults have been chosen as guinea pigs for an experiment to find out if another planet can sustain human life. Leaving her home and family, Bridget joins the journey that will either save or kill her.

***Finalist in the What If? contest! Big hugs to everyone who commented, reviewed, or hearted 'When We Leave' for the contest!***

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about 4 years ago Olivia Knight said:

Whoa, really unique idea! and you pulled it off so well! Your characterization was great. I loved it! You should *so* continue it. :)



9 months ago Grace (MittenTheThief) said:

I love the idea of you leaving earth and such. Plus a bit of backstory is lovely. I also love how you added ideas of the charather.


over 4 years ago Iniko Thornell said:

I really like the idea of this story! The whole idea of leaving earth is an amazing plot idea. The only thing I would suggest, you don't have to change anything really :), is that maybe you ease into their meeting a little. right now it feels a little rushed maybe just have them bump into each other or something so they are forced to talk or something like that. Otherwise amazing story!