F i r e f l i e s

F i r e f l i e s

3 chapters / 4420 words

Approximately 22 minutes to read


Lacey Barnette is head-over-heels in love with a man...
...Who doesn't exist.

We all have imaginary friends when we're little, but when we reach a certain point in our lives, those imaginary friends become, well, just that-- imaginary.

However, that is not the case for Lacey Barnette. She's had the same imaginary friend since she was six years old, and still hasn't moved on. Of course, it's not as if she's simply crazy.
Jacob is special. Not only is he an imaginary friend, but people can actually see him, when he chooses for them to be able to. Other than his power to turn invisible, and the ability to apparate, Jacob is no less human than you or I.

But what happens to this odd relationship when you throw in a boyfriend, a camping trip, and a dangerous diagnosis?

Well, as always, only time will tell.


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



over 3 years ago Ali Lawrence said:

Quick question? How can Jacob drive if he isn't real?

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about 4 years ago Alexis MV said:

So one day I went on Figment, and I clicked on a fantasy story that had a cover that caught my eye. I read the description of this story; called 'Fireflies', and was intrigued. Then I started reading this story, and found the first story that really, really caught my attention.

This is a beautifully written story; just enough detail, but not too much. I found about only two or three errors in your writing(that's impressive). It's a very creative idea you got here. :) Keep writing, this is amazing! c:


about 4 years ago Maya Victoria said:

In Chapter 3, you wrote (When describing the cliques of high school) "...you name the,." I know you meant "them," it's just a typo needing to be fixed. I apologize for all the comments, but I'm in love with this story. I do hope you keep writing it- I want to see how things turn out with Jacob and this surprise of his :)


about 4 years ago Maya Victoria said:

In Chapter one, Jacob says "We'll just have to do it tomorrow then. You'll have to wait until tomorrow." Or something along this sort. I would avoid saying tomorrow twice so close to each other; it made the sentence awkward to read. Your ending was impeccable :D I love this so much.


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over 4 years ago Jordan Farr said:

Beautifully written!! This is a great idea and very original. I think that you write well enough to be able to do your own proofreading, so I won't go into the very minor grammar/formatting errors. The easiest way to proofread is to print out your whole story, triple spaced with wider margins and go through the entire thing with a red pen. Mistakes usually pop out at you that way. Aside from that, there is a huge time jump from the first chapter to the second which takes most of the second chapter to get caught up with. It throws the reader rather off balance. Maybe add something about how many years it's been right at the beginning, since you don't even mention years until the third chapter. The game they're playing at the beginning of chapter two is a great way to show their friendship rather than tell about it, so I commend you on that one. I think it's okay that the reader doesn't know the background of the game because it's similar to an inside joke. Another little thing is that the way your main character describes Jacob can be a little bit redundant. In chapter two there's a lot of 'other half' and 'soulmate', which has already been established once. I would suggest trying to find other ways to show that rather than just say it. "And do whatever it is that Jacobs do..." This is great. I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this line. The added humor makes it more than just a cheesy love story. With all of that being said, Lacey's relationship with Jacob seems a little bit unhealthy. I say that because in chapter three, she says that "With Jacob, there was not really a reason to have many friends." It shows a little more dependency than is strictly healthy. Her friendship with Taylor Watson, though, contradicts this particular statement and I think that you should look at the segment talking about her friendship with Taylor and the segment talking about how much she hates people and try to make them flow together a little bit better. You don't need to capitalize 'junior', 'senior', 'lone wolf', 'straight A's', or 'academic excellence'. Okay. That was really long-winded and I know that this is a lot to read, but I think you are a really strong writer and this story probably resonates with a lot of people, myself included. I noticed that everyone else seems to be asking why the story is called Fireflies, but from your summary it looks as though you're planning to add more. Keep up the good work!! :)


over 4 years ago ➳FollowYourArrow ♥ said:

I loved the idea, so original. A girl loving her imaginary friend, perfect. At one point though you said "Cliques, groups, call the,." I'm pretty sure you probably didn't notice it but I just wanted to point it out. Also at one point you forgot to put " at the end of your sentence; "And we'll get started. Not a big deal I just wanted to point it out because I believe it is the right thing to do.

Really though I love this concept, and your cover is beautiful; but how does it tie into the story? I get the two quotes you have, but what is the title about? Are you planning on expanding?