Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

4 chapters / 2811 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


© 2013 by Rose Johnson. All rights reserved.Rodrigo Garcia, working for the Dragonheart Society, is racked with guilt after killing a fellow human being...at the same time as plotting the death of another.
The cover is awesome, isn't it? Courtesy of Bethany Graham. Join her group Covers for Free, it's great!



over 4 years ago Grace Meredith said:

Very dark, but written perfectly! Not really my kind of story, but that's just my opinion.


over 4 years ago StayStrong_16 said:

This is really good!! I truly enjoyed it!


over 4 years ago Rebecca Bamford said:

I really liked this. I liked the idea, the message, the protagonist. Good job, I thought you've done a good job and I believe it had real potential.


over 4 years ago Kaeuq's Lady said:

I really enjoyed reading this- and I didn't notice and "terrible grammar". Really cool idea here- message me when you have it finished (I don't check figment or my email often) so if you message me on here at least I'll see it eventually :)



over 4 years ago Michele H. said:

I noticed a lot of grammar problems that you should fix. But I found the story very interesting all in all. You should try to add more detail as well. Just these few changes and the story will be awesome! Write on!~M


over 4 years ago Ida B. said:

Terible grammar. You have so many grammatical errors! You really need to go back and fix those because it disrupts the flow of the story. Also, one should describe the room, the setting, things like that when the main character is put into a change of sceneary. It make for a better story, not that yours is bad. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, I find it interesting and I like Garcia a lot.

But there's too little to the story, what are the different species EXACTLY, who are they born to, what are they capable of in this story, where can they be found, who made the Dragon Heart's group and who founded the other group, when did they start fighting, in what condition is the world in in your story, all of that. This story has potential to be something excellent. The beginning sentence definitely pulls the reader in.But the second sentence is a fragment and pulls away from the first sentence, not adds to it. I love the idea, the people, what's going on. There just needs to e a little more background information and more detail. =)