Literary Analysis

Literary Analysis

1 chapter / 197 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


I never thought I'd spend my summer hanging out in a bar drinking ginger ale until three a.m. with ...a man. I was a good girl after all, into books and studying. But there was something about Armand. It was like he came right out of a book.
Cover Art by artist Yuzuko.


Writing, Drama, Romance



about 4 years ago Hardcore Angel<3 said:

I love the title! This seems like it would be very interesting. You should continue.


about 5 years ago Riri Leandado said:

Onegai ! Please please continue . I need to know what happens next and then finally read the ending . What a great start for readers to come back to this .


over 6 years ago Enaam said:

Please continue! I'd really like to see where this story goes. Seriously, it was like one of the first stories I hearted on Figment.


over 6 years ago Caleb Ashton said:

Very well written. Good use of imagery. I can imagine both characters pretty well, even from the short description. I hope to see more, if this is just a prologue.


Above the influence

almost 7 years ago C MsKnowitall said:

Love it, it's intense and subtly disturbing, it plunges through the readers emotions without digging so far in that it's intangible, you feel it right where you don't want it and it scares you, making you read more. ^-^