To Love a Linchpin

To Love a Linchpin

3 chapters / 1196 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Lindy: princess of Aegia, linchpin to the sixth world war.

Robert: unlikely commoner, whose fellowship and honor are unknown.

The two fell in love on vacation two years ago. Now, they've finally met up. If only they'd known just how different they were to one another...

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about 4 years ago xxx Chenelle! said:

OMG OMG OMG u hav to finish... i mean have to lol i was completely blown away by it all


over 4 years ago Madison Fredette said:

You have to keep going with this!


over 4 years ago Brooke L. Fossum said:

I gave you a heart, but I think it was too late for your heart based contest, I'm sorry. I really enjoyed it though :)! Great job!

Large (23)

over 4 years ago inspirationxl said:

Read one of my stories in return?



over 4 years ago Sarah D. Murphy said:

I thought this was beautiful, but I want to know more. What war? When? Where?


over 4 years ago H.M. Marie said:

As said before I do love the way you've taken this story. I love the way you describe how she feels especially when he calls her Diana! Its brilliant! *JaneThummler*