B-Sides & Outtakes: A Life in Words

B-Sides & Outtakes: A Life in Words

3 chapters / 3137 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


The bits of ourselves we hide.
Photo by Ken Rockwell


Writing, Memoir, Serial




almost 7 years ago Jad said:

I just have to ask, Where do you get your fabulous covers!?



almost 8 years ago Jamie C said:

Thanks for the lighting quick review. If it helps at all, I felt attacked when I read it. I wrote it last year and a lot has changed since then. I'm so no longer that girl on a soapbox shouting down at everyone else. Having a real job, stressing about paying all your bills on time and realizing that a non-profit is where idealism goes to die will do that to you. At the same time, I like that it makes me (and presumably others) feel uncomfortable. I think it might be illuminating for a reader to figure out why, when and what what exactly made them stop reacting to homeless.


almost 8 years ago Emily Kane said:

Hello, Jaime Case! Read the first intro- you have a way of painting with your words. Your images are precise and a joy to readslashsee. One point about the first chapter: Your narrator comes across very strongly, bordering on accusatory. You want your reader to feel impassioned (which I did), but not attacked (which, at least a little, I also did). Perhaps it is even a matter of softening the "they" of the "I see, THEY don't see" dichotomy to a "most". Looking forward to the next installment of your strikingly beautiful piece!