Prof. Gyre's School of Creative Thinking

Prof. Gyre's School of Creative Thinking

1 chapter / 150 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Rules 4 and 2 are secret, for reasons made known only if you survive your first year.
This is just a little bit of absurdity. Virtual cookies to those who get the Comfy Chair reference! For the Night School Weekend Flash-Fiction contest.



over 4 years ago -Mirage- said:

Thought this school sounds unbelievably terrifying, you managed to hint it with humor and excitement. I don't think I've laughed at absurdity in a while, so thank you for that!


over 4 years ago Yakov said:

this is perfect


over 4 years ago Laina O'Shields said:

I'd go to this school :)


over 4 years ago Melinda P. said:

I desperately want to meet this Professor.


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