The Road

The Road

1 chapter / 736 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


On a road where students walk in single file and are only allowed to interact with those on your approved list, a young girl's world could change in a single moment. Is the world really as she thought or is there something more.



about 6 years ago Sara Heacox said:

No. I did this for the Dystopian contest a few months ago. I thought I would try my hand. Turns out, I kind of liked it so it is something I would definitely like to revisit!

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about 6 years ago Val M. said:

Have you written more since chapter 1 was posted? It sounds interesting so far.


over 6 years ago KelCee Bonneau said:

finish? Finish :) you should finish, says Thiiiiis girl.

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over 6 years ago Kate Elstad said:

Love it Sara! You better file this one away to come back to someday!

and I accidentlt hearted myself too!


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