I'll Wait

I'll Wait

1 chapter / 295 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


In a world where emotion is suppressed, young lovers struggle with the rules and regulations of a painfully perfect society. A patient girl waits silently.



about 5 years ago Pepper A said:

Absolutely stunning


about 6 years ago ali said:

Its GREAT!so GREAT in fact that it made me cry...um yeah...good luck with the contest:)

Sam_0063 square

over 6 years ago B. D. Legan said:

This was amazing! :D I loved it--the concept, the characters... I really liked the imagery your writing provoked.

You did a fabulous job. :) -BD


over 6 years ago loser lost at sea said:

Very very very (redundancy X200) good! I love it! I luv it so much! *huggles it*



over 5 years ago Halie Lecours said:

So sad


about 6 years ago Catherine Zuko Ellis said:

I love how you emphasized on the passion so much it seemed an obsession. I don't know if that was what you were going for, but it was really intriguing. I like this.