The Light

The Light

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This is another poem that I wrote for my poetry portfolio for English. This one is based on my belief that when I die I'll go to heaven. The oasis. It's supposed to be on the life metaphor, life is like a long, dark corridor. Hope you enjoy!


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about 4 years ago Allie said:

Kinda cool...a unique spin on the concept of finding the light after being in darkness...where you ended should have went on...maybe because the readers don't know how the writer felt in the dark( so it's confusing as to why the light is such a wonder) But and interesting piece none the less :)


over 4 years ago Dana Flent said:

'I stand in wonder.' I think this was a gorgeous way to end the piece, and I also like how it can be interpreted differently. Oasis is great word choice, as it also brings to mind a safe haven in the middle of a desert. Great poem :)


over 4 years ago Cierra Wilder said:

Loved it!!! I like how detailed you were.


over 4 years ago Laura B. said:

I like the comparison and the images you were able to create :) Awesome job!


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