The Last Touch

The Last Touch

3 chapters / 897 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


When minds collide there is no telling what the future could hold.



about 4 years ago meggzz said:

how do you get so many readers for your story??

Sam_0063 square

over 4 years ago B. D. Legan said:

Wow. I loved the world you created, and your characters were allcomplex and believable. At the point you left it at, you need to write more! ;) -B.


over 4 years ago Joelene said:

This is my favorite! The fact that it skipped back and forth confused me and took a while to get used to but it couldn't have been done any better. :) Loved it. Great read!


almost 5 years ago Dreamer said:

This was so good I cryed keep it up



over 4 years ago Victoria Caslon said:

The first chapter is amazing - no wonder you won the contest! :D I found the second chapter fascinating, suspenseful, but confusing. It's not clear how people can judge the strength of each other's minds, how much one person can probe another without danger, or just what is going on with Ms. Melee. However, I'm sure you'll clear things up in the next chapters - I can't wait to read more!


almost 5 years ago T.M.T.U. said:

An interesting story! I'm guessing the second chapter was added post-contest? Either way, you should continue it! I'm rather curious to find out what exactly was going on. My only comment was that I got a bit lost as to what exactly the couple had been expecting from the experience. Why did they do it, what did they think would happen? I realize that this is supposed to be somewhat of a mystery, or at least I think it is, but you could still answer that without giving anything away. Hint at an excitement as they prepare to...take their relationship to the next level...look through another's eyes...whatever. Still, a good story, keep it up! And keep on writing!

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