Dreamer Chronicles : The Titan War

Dreamer Chronicles : The Titan War

2 chapters / 2780 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


The universe holds many secrets, and only a selected few from the Solar System knows about it. They call themselves Dreamers, the protectors of the Solar System. Dreamers are tasked to maintain the balance within the system and protect it from extraterrestrial beings from other galaxies. But for the first time, the Dreamers failed their duty. Plutonians were wiped out swiftly by the hands of a mysterious enemy, the Veruvians.

Now that his father is dead, Seventeen year old Blair Collins inherits the tall task of being a Dreamer. Will he and the other Dreamers be able to stop the Veruvian Invasion? Or will the Solar System be heading towards it's destruction.



over 4 years ago Marti said:

I read the first chapter and I have to say I liked it. There could be more vivid imagery but the story's first impression to me was that it was solid but still under construction so I understood it. You have a good start and good luck with your writing. ^~^


over 4 years ago Chelsea Rae said:

This story has a lot of detail which is great, I love the plot!


over 4 years ago Jessica & Mary said:

Cool story :). It was fun to read it. You're a good writer so keep going! :)

Mary xx


over 4 years ago Pixie Dust said:

This was great! You painted a picture in the readers mind!



over 4 years ago clayton said:

Ok I found the first paragraph of this story to be a bit sketchy to read. It sounds like in the readers mind that you are just making a list of observations I don't know what happened there but I would polish it up a bit just because that writing style does not show through out the rest of the story. Overall though I found this to be a fun read with a lot of suspense to back it up. You really do keep the reader wanting to go on because when you reveal something to the reader you find another secret to dwell on. Over all like I said great story and great job but honestly if you get some free time try to rewrite or polish up that first paragraph.

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