Chronos and Kairos

Chronos and Kairos

6 chapters / 4738 words

Approximately 24 minutes to read


The first edition in the time wrap series. Sisters, Chronos and Kairos are running. Their past haunts them, and so does their ever impending future. With powers to warp time, they seem to have an advantage to any adversary. But, when that adversary is their half brother, their gifts might not be enough.


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6 months ago milan joy said:

Thank you so much for introducing new books here. The name itself seems to be very different as both the names stands for two different meanings. I am pretty much interested to read the content inside. Share the soft copy soon. oren loni


over 4 years ago Deegan Miller said:

I really like this story! It has a great hooking line and the rest definitely captured me and kept me in. Obviously you have some errors, so I would suggest you go back over it and make some changes, but other than that it's really great.


over 4 years ago StayStrong_16 said:

AMAZING! I felt like I was reading this old western story! So intriguing and capturing! I loved it!


over 4 years ago Amylove (A) said:

The words were well chosen and it flowed very nicely. Sorry for the bad swap



over 4 years ago Michela Coury said:

My review! (I apologize if I am little blunt, but I always think that constructive criticism really helps you grow as a writer!)

To begin, I admit, I was pulled into the story right away. I enjoy how you capture the audience's attention with a dramatic dialogue, telling the readers that there is some sort of danger near bye. But then the men came and it became confusing. Confusing in which I didn't understand if she was afraid or bored by them.

Then when they finally captured the woman, all that really ran through my head was, "Why would she be so slow to take out her knife and kill these captors?" You explained the killing so dryly. A death is quite dramatic; I would have spruced it up a but, to make it more of an unwilling job rather than just a boring chore.

Also, the part where she meets the man again is a little confusing. She is very calm and as is he. I thought he had just run away from thees captors? Their emotions seem not as frantic as you would have expected them to be when just facing rape and possibly death.

I also noticed some grammatical errors; “brunet” is actually “brunette.” Also, when you were talking about the other sister’s hair in the beginning of the first chapter, you used expect instead of except. (easy mistake to fix) You also need to be a little less redundant and maybe add some more, vaster vocabulary as well.

As I continued to read, I did enjoy the two sisters. I enjoy their distinct and separate personalities. I think I like Chronos a little bit better. (haha) It is interesting how you immediately switched the mother's protagonist view all the way around to the antagonist. I hope you go further into detail of why that happened.

I am not completely sure of the plot line yet but it seems like you will pull it through.

You have a good story going on here. I would broaden the depths of these characters, review, and reread your story a bit, and keep going from there!

I enjoyed this and hope you update soon!!


over 4 years ago Claire said:

Sorry this took so long to get to! Okay, a review of your story: I can't really review the grammar so much, as I have a bad habit of having terrible grammar myself, so it wouldn't mean much, and I would miss most of it.

However, to let you know, I didn't notice anything wrong with the grammar in this story at all.


Okay first, the woman or mother. I loved her immediately in the prologue, sacrificing herself for the man. I was surprised by the twist in events, of which I commend you. By slitting the men's throats, I got the feeling she was different, old. It tuned to bitterness in the end, when she obviously cursed the children or something. I then became attached to the young children.

Chronos and Kairos:

One thing I can't seem to understand is: Their gifts. Do they both have the same gifts? Or different? Has Chronos done anything strange yet? I can't seem to remember, although I just read it.

Their personalities are quite different, to set them apart, obviously. Chronos seems impatient and bitter, while Kairos seems impulsive and sweet.

Do they care about each other? Its hard to tell. This needs to be worked on.

Overall, however, you have great base characters to work on.

I can't tell much of what the plot is yet, but I like that it hints that they are being chased by their brother, whom we have not met yet. It lends an air of mystery to the story, especially as he is mentioned in the prologue, in connection with their fathers death.

Overall, great story, keep going with it. I'd love to read more. Your writing style is great!