The Black Rose Tri., Book One: The Curse

The Black Rose Tri., Book One: The Curse

14 chapters / 51023 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


NOTE: vastly unedited. Serious first draft. Comments and constructive criticism highly welcomed.
Book One of "The Black Rose Trilogy"
Rose was the first. Krystel was the twelfth. Alessandra didn't want to be the thirteenth. Instead of accepting her 'fate' as the next girl to be cursed, she runs away. Aless meets different people, learns more about the land she lives in, and discovers things about herself no one ever thought possible. In a tale of love and heartbreak, mystery and naïveté, all Aless can hope for is coming out of the plot surrounding her alive. But one ancient power is determined to get what it wants, and what it wants is her.
Cover credit: Metallic Silver; Thank you so much, dearie!


Novel, Romance, Fantasy



about 4 years ago silver. said:

After reading all of that, I have to say, it was pretty incredible and I have found myself longing for the next chapter. I love how you used the innocence people always have and used it to your advantage. In my opinion, this is a very creative piece and I would love to see more of this in the future.


over 4 years ago Allie said:

The Prologue was brilliant! The detailed description and concept was written to perfection. I loved the symbolism of the black and white soul. I think you painted a beautiful & vivid picture here for the reader, I found no errors. ") Amazing use of imagery.


over 4 years ago Rain Dusk said:

I really like the backround behind the cure! I want more! Writing style was fabulous!


over 4 years ago Evangeline Rae said:

wow, this is an interesting premise for a story. I can't wait for more. It had a folktale feel, with a dark and sinister twist. I love it so much, and I can't wait to see where you'll go with this idea. Great job.


Mother nature the mortal

over 4 years ago Alexandra Rylie said:

Well all I have to say is that, you for sure left me waiting for more. You were very descriptive, insightful, it was very well worded. leaving on that note, I loved your story for the Say What? Fan-Fic contest. Keep up the good work!

Over & Out ~J.J.Blake


over 4 years ago Arkady Adler said:

...Wait. Only the prologue?! You definitely left me hungry for more. Your premise is unique and simply, yet eloquently, written. I'm curious to see where the story will go, and what will happen to the Carrier of the Black Rose.

That being said, I noticed two sentences that didn't quite make sense to me. (Might just be how I read them, but I thought I had better bring it to your attention.)

"He fooled her into loving him the same way he had always done." - While I understood your meaning here on the second reading, it still appears a little convoluted. It made me think that /he/ was loving her the way she was, instead of fooling her into loving her like he always had.

"igniting the one-white rose." - Do you mean the one white rose (as in she had no other white roses)? Or the once-white rose?

Just some things to consider. Beyond that, it was wonderful & gripping - especially for just a prologue! Keep up the good work!