Burned Collection

Burned Collection

3 chapters / 1657 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


Re-writing!!! It will be a novel someday, I promise!!!!!



over 3 years ago Vial Mess said:

Wow. I really enjoyed this. It was quite twisted but I liked it! A very good mother dearest spice too, shall I say. I would love to see more! Xoxo, A


almost 4 years ago E.D. said:

Interesting. This was very chilling. Good job! :)


almost 4 years ago Tori G. said:

You must continue this!!!


almost 4 years ago Molly Brace said:

You have to continue this! I love it, and am very excited to see where it goes



over 3 years ago Ellie said:

Woah... well... um... woah, this is so sad, a nice piece of writing but a very sad topic. I like how you've written it though, you haven't gone into so much detail it becomes gory or over the top, but it still gets the attention of the reader and makes them think. So much emotion in it!


almost 4 years ago Cat Starr said:

Oh my god this terrible (in the best way possible, I just mean it's terrible what the mother is doing to her).

You have a good way with words and hooking the reader in (so props to you). At first I thought it was nice the main POV said she would do anything her mother tells her to do but then I'm like woahhh.

I think this a really good piece you have going on and you should definitely think about expanding it into a novel. It could seriously go places.

Good luck and keep on writing!