Capitol On Fire

Capitol On Fire

1 chapter / 747 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


*3rd place winner in the Summer Fan-fiction contest. A hunger Games fanfic* Esme Thistlewood is a teenager living a luxurious life in the Capitol. It is finally time for the 65th annual Hunger Games. Everyone is celebrating, with parties and festivities, but Esme wants nothing to do with it. She wishes she could cheer when a tribute's throat gets ripped out, or celebrate the murders of thousands. She doesn't dare admit this to anyone in fear of being thought of as a rebel. When the threat of rebellion looms and Esme meets a rebel boy from District 10, Tiberius, Esme must decide where her loyalties lie. Will she stay in the safety of the Capitol or join the rebellion?

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about 1 month ago Emily Foxx said:

AAAAH! I just HAVE to know what happens next! :O


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over 2 years ago Blazeheart2 said:

This was so great! PLEASE write more :D



about 1 month ago Emily Foxx said:

Nice work! I'd suggest that you remove the italics in the text after the dialogue, it looks a bit messy. I really wish there were more of it to read!

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over 1 year ago Nena M said:

This is really good! I hope you can continue this story because this has great potential!