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**SECOND PLACE IN THE FANFIC CONTEST!!**Kiara is on a trip in Ba Sing Se, but it isn't exactly going as planned. What will happen when she gets tangled up with an earth bending boy wanted by the Fire Nation?

Based off of Avatar The Last Airbender! **Beautiful cover made by Gracie Belle!**


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almost 2 years ago Kaitie Lysaght said:

Pretty good. I like the world building included telling us exactly when in the series the story takes place, but still including enough of the character's backstory. The situation also feels like something that would happen within the Avatar universe, though the old woman disguise may have been a bit too on the nose. Don't know if you'll continue it but decent start. :)


Mini lobo

almost 4 years ago Micko said:

I loved it!

Just wondering why it had to be connected with Avatar. I don't know. I think that's just me. It's better if you came up with your own stories and you could have used the Avatar concept to change it a little. But other than that, short and fast paced, awesome writing. :D

p.s. you should give some writing tips. Looks like I could learn a bit from you. :)


about 4 years ago Emily said:

Only second place? Really? I liked it. It's fast-paced, easy to imagine (what with all the descriptions), and stays true to the source material. Also, the cover is gorgeous and does not focus on the fact that it's a fanfic based on a cartoon. "Kiara" can very easily stand on its own, with an ending vague enough for readers to continue Kiara's story in their heads. Well-done! xxx