Alaska's Goodbye

Alaska's Goodbye

2 chapters / 609 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Fanfic from John Green's, Looking for Alaska. SPOILERS!!!! but still read cus not that much is given away. Cover made by Trail of Glitter.

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6 months ago May Dam said:

I really liked the perspective and it was written really well.

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over 1 year ago V. L. Thornton said:

its really good! I enjoyed it


about 2 years ago ~ Momo ~ said:

Thank you for writing this. It is amazing.


over 2 years ago N N Cooke said:

wow... beautifully written



over 1 year ago Pritha Mohan said:

I loved this one , I was always curious about Alaska's internal feelings Its so relieveing to read this.


about 3 years ago Chelsea said:

I loved John Green's book 'Looking for Alaska' and I loved this short story about Alaska. I liked how you got inside the head of the character and wrote it as if it were her writing the story on how she was going to commit suicide.